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A varity of member's ranges,
something for everyone

Reactive Pistol Range​

There is no need for targets, we provide metal reactive targets for your shooting pleasure.

Approved firearms for the reactive range:
Handguns (straight wall cartridges less than 1400 fps or power factor of 200), No magnum cartridges allowed on the steel targets. Magnum handguns using non-magnum loads are allowed. No bottleneck cartridges allowed! No guns or ammo exceeding these guidelines should be present on the range. Steel core and armor-piercing ammo are strictly prohibited. If you have these cartridges on the range you will be subject to removal and disbarment. Brass may be left on range.

Police Range


​This range is meant for police usage and SCHEDULED Club events. The range is scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis.  

100 Yard Rifle Range


Located straight up past the fishing pond this range is perfect to site in your weapon and for shooting up to 100 yards.

200 Meter Rifle Range

The first range you pass after entering the gate is perfect for perfecting that long shot. Please remember our good neighbor policy when using this range as it is also the most noticeable (in sound) to our neighbors.

Clay Target Ranges

We have Skeet & Trap which are open to members on Sunday afternoons, or by appointment.  Voicemail (865) 436-0271

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