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Membership in Gatlinburg Sportsman's Club requires completion of our application form, signature on the "Waiver of Liability" release form, agreement to abide by the range safety rules (as published in our Orientation Program), the ability to legally own a firearm, payment of the annual dues and all additional fees.  You must read the Orientation Program and be able to furnish the Activation Code found within the Orientation Program before you will be allowed access to the Ranges.  You should get all of the paperwork done at least three (3)_weeks before you wish to use the range.  PLEASE NOTE:  The application and your check must be in the same envelope. Application processing will not begin until your application, your check, and the emailed photo of yourself have all been received.

CLUB YEAR:  November 1, through October 31, of each year

DUES:  Annual dues are $150

INITIATION FEE:  $100 which applies to new members and to former members who have let their membership lapse.


BACKGROUND CHECK FEE:  $10 and is required for all new members.

NO ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESS FEE: We must be able to communicate with our members.  We do this via email because 97% of our members have and read their email, plus it is easy and it is free.  For the remaining members, we mail out communications via USPS which is time-consuming and expensive.  Therefore, there is a $25 fee per year is you do not have (or read) an email account.  

FALL PRORATED OFFER: New members who join during the last three months of our membership year, may pay $15 per month from date of application until November 1st, plus $260 to acquire membership from the date of application until November 1st, of the following year.  For example: membership beginning August 1, 2021, would not expire until November 1, 2023.  That's 15 months for $305. To apply for membership in our club,  you may click on the new member application button and the orientation program button then print yourself a copy.  Read the orientation program carefully and then fill out the application completely,  be sure to sign at the "X", enclose a check for the appropriate amount, and mail the application to our address, shown on the application. NOTE: Please plan ahead, you must have discovered the validation code in the Orientation program before you will be allowed access to the ranges.   

To renew your 2022 membership for 2023, you will need only to open your emailed renewal invoice that you will receive in September or early October and click on the "PAY NOW" button, - OR - you may click on the renewal form link and print out a renewal form.  Once you fill out the form, you may enclose your check for $150, plus a $20 late fee if mailed after November 15th, made payable to Gatlinburg Sportsman's Club, and mail the whole thing to PO Box 5195 in Sevierville, 38764.   Once you have completed and emailed the 2013 renewal form along with your check for $150, plus late fee,  your membership will be activated for 2023.

Note: To view and print the application and renewal forms, you must have the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This is a free download from Adobe.

Current members may update their personal information online.  It is very important to keep your information updated so that we may send you the current gate code, announcements, etc.


    MONTH                    NEW MEMBER FOR 2022                                       2022 MEMBERS MAY
                                                                                                                          RENEW FOR 2023 FOR:
                                     Dues   Initiation  Dues   Total                                    Dues      Late fee        Total         
Oct 16 - Nov 15            150         110            -        $260                                 150              0               $150
Nov 16 - July 15           150         110            -        $260                                 150             20              $170

                                     NEW MEMBER FOR 2023 PLUS BALANCE OF 2022
July 16 - Aug 15             45         110         150      $305                              
Aug 16 - Sep 15              30         110         150      $290                              
Sep 16 - Oct  15              15         110         150      $275                              

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